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Case Studies

At FW Power we can proudly say we have been involved in some great projects, using both new and secondhand generators.  Please see below some of our recent case studies from standby installations to removals of large synchronised generators. We work alongside many great lifting and haulage companies across the UK such as Steve Foster Cranes , Nortons and David Watsons to ensure our customers a professional install, removal or delivery.

    • How does FW Power decide from the many projects and refurbishments that we undertake which ones should make it to our case studies page?

      We try to show our clients the range of expertise that we have. Our aim is to give you confidence in our abilities and our knowledge of diesel generators / power generation. We understand in today’s world of internet searches that you the client are often overloaded with information of companies all promising excellent levels of product quality and service. Our aim through this page is to demonstrate that we can actually deliver on those promises.