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Late Night Lift

Approximately 18 months ago FW Power were asked if we wanted to purchase a 660 kVA Perkins used diesel generator. An ex standby generator which was in very good condition, we of course said yes. However collecting this generator was not as simple as most of our collections. The generator was situated around 20 floors up on a high rise builing in Manchester City Centre. On the roads below are tram lines, a busy bus station not to mention thousands of pedestrians.  A 70 tonne crane was required for the lift however due to the restrictions such as tram lines and general city infrastructure we had to undertake several site surveys, complete submissions to the council for road closures, RAMS and conduct health and safety assesments.  With a lift like this there is no room for error.

It was agreed that the only time to complete the removal of this generator was in the early hours on a weekday to ensure minimal disruption. The lift recently happened at Midnight on a Monday night, the bus station and roads were closed so that we could position the crane and lorry to then transport.  FW Power had engineers on site to disconnect the generator and then oversea the lift.

What may have seemed like a small task at the beginning quickly developed into a lengthy process due to the restrictions a  city can throw at you, however as always this lift went without glitch and all of our preparation and planning made for a very sucessful removal.


Please have a look through our photographs to see how the lift happened.



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