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14 January 2024


Whether you’re upgrading to a more powerful generator, moving to a location with different power needs, or simply looking to declutter your space, selling your generator can be a smart decision. Diesel Generators can be valuable assets. FW Power are well equiped to remove all types of generators and we buy them from 10 kVA  to 2000 kVA. If you’re unsure of how to sell your generator – we’ll guide you through the process making it as smooth as possible.

FW Power will ask for several bits of information prior to offering a price, this includes:

  • kVA.
  • Manufacturer .
  • Hours Ran.
  • Year of Manufacture.
  • Location / Site Access.
  • Does it run & produce still?
  • Photographs.

Once we have this information we are usually able to offer a price then and there. Once agreed we will agree on a collection date and take care of the rest.

FW Power always pay prior to us taking the generator away and we will always offer competitive pricing reflecting the current market.

Just this week we were asked to remove a 30 kVA SDMO diesel generator from  an office block, the customer simply had to let us in, show us where the generator is and FW Power took care of the rest leaving the customer with extra £££ in their pockets.

Here at FW Power we pride ourselves on the fact that we are professional, courtious and we always deliver on what we promise.

If you are looking to sell your generator – give FW Power a call. 01829 863497  or email


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