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24 June 2023

It’s not everyday you get a phone call to say that a generator has been dropped! However last week we had this very call.  One of our customers had an accident wherby their diesel generator (a 600 kVA silent generator weighing  between 5-6 tonnes)  had fallen of the back of a trailer and subsequently caused a great deal of damage, both internally and externally.

The FW Power team investigated the damage to the generator and it was clear that the repair would not be cost effective for the customer. Luckily we had a silent 660 kVA Used Diesel Generator for sale, ready and waiting to go, which our customer accepted delivery of yesterday.

The customer also had a fire damaged diesel generator (550 kVA)  that they were looking to move on along with the now damaged 600 kVA generator. Even though the damage to both generators is considerable FW Power offered a part exchange which our customer was happy with.

For this company having a diesel generator for extra power is vital  to their business. We were happy to help and the feedback we have had back from them has been great: ” Thank you so much FW Power, you have helped us out in a time of great need. Dropping our generator was devasting and a costly mistake but you have helped us out, provided a speedy rescue and also helped with taking our two damaged gensets from us. It isn’t the first time I have used FW Power and it certainly won’t be the last, thank you once again.”

We are here to help!

If you have a damaged generator that needs repairing or even replacing please give our friendly team a call. We are here to help – with a large range of used and new diesel generators ready and waiting to go alongside a team of highly skilled generator engineers that can repair any engine, we will get you back up and running!



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