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50 kVA New Diesel Generator

  • 50 kVA New Diesel Generator for sale – IN STOCK READY TO GO.
  • 50 kVA standby / 45 kVA prime power.
  • Deepsea Control Panel.
  • Battery Charger & Jacket Water Heater Fitted.
  • Every generating set is subject to a comprehensive test program which includes full load testing, checking and provision of all control and safety shut down functions testing.
  • kVA(ESP): 50
  • kVA(PRP): 45
  • kW: 36
  • Hz: 50
  • Amps: 63
  • RPM: 1500
  • Voltage: 415/240
  • Phase: 3
  • Engine: Baudouin
  • Alternator: Leroy Somer
  • Controller: Autostart
  • Battery Charger: Yes
  • Jacket Water Heater: Yes
  • Fuel Tank: Yes


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Convert kVA to kW

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FW Power Reference : TJ50BD5

45 kVA New Diesel Generator for sale.

Special discount available on this generator – Call 01829 863 497 or email for more information!

🔥 Introducing the Teksan 45 kVA Baudouin New Diesel Generator 🔥

Are you tired of power outages disrupting your operations? Do you need a reliable and robust power solution to keep your business running smoothly? Look no further than the Teksan 45 kVA Baudouin New Diesel Generator – the epitome of power, performance, and dependability!


It has a prime power rating of 45 kVA / 36 kW and standby power rating of 50 kVA / 40 kW.

Unleash Unparalleled Power: With an impressive maxium 50 kVA power output, the Teksan Baudouin Generator packs a serious punch. Whether you run a small business or a large industrial facility, this generator can handle your electricity demands with ease. Say goodbye to downtime and welcome uninterrupted power supply!

🔸 Baudouin Quality at its Best: Baudouin, a name synonymous with excellence, brings its engineering prowess to every inch of this diesel generator. The Baudouin engine ensures optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

🔸 Unwavering Reliability: When it comes to reliability, the Teksan Baudouin Generator shines. Built with precision and durability in mind, this generator operates flawlessly even in the harshest conditions. You can count on it to be your steadfast companion during emergencies and planned maintenance outages.

🔸 Advanced Control and Monitoring:  Stay in control with the advanced monitoring and control system of the 45 kVA Baudouin Diesel Generator TJ50BD is controlled with the Deep Sea Electronics 7320 control module. With real-time data at your fingertips, you can keep a close eye on performance, fuel levels, and maintenance schedules. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your generator is always in top shape.

🔸 Quiet and Environmentally Conscious: Noise pollution can be a concern with many generators, but not with Teksan. The Baudouin 45 kVA New Diesel Generator is designed for quiet operation, 70 dBA @ 7 metres.

🔸 Trusted Worldwide: Teksan diesel generators are trusted by businesses and industries worldwide. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as a reliable power solution provider.

Don’t let power outages hold you back! Invest in this 45 kVA  New Diesel Generator and experience the pinnacle of power and performance. Say hello to uninterrupted operations, enhanced productivity, and unmatched peace of mind.

Contact FW Power today and discover how our 45 kVA New Diesel Generator can revolutionize your power needs. Let us be your partner in progress, ensuring your business never goes dark again! 🌟


Engine: Baudouin 4M06G50/5  4 Cylinder inline, water cooled turbocharged diesel engine.

Alternator: LEROY-SOMER – Brushless and self-exciting to class H insulation.

Controller: DSE-7320

50 Hz Generator

1500 RPM


» 50 kVA standby / 45 kVA prime power.

» Baudouin engine that is built for maximum power output and durability with service and parts support gloablly.

» Leroy Somer Alternator.

» Bunded base fuel tank.

» Battery charger and jacket water heater fitted.


Canopy  features:

»  Compatible with 2000/14/EC directives, certified noise emission level.
» 2 or 4 points transport possibility according to cabin size.
»  Hidden exhaust inside the canopy.
»  Emergency stop button located in the canopy.
»  Improved air suction channel to ensure homogeneous cooling in the canopy.
»  Lid on cab that provides easy access to top up water and antifreeze.
»  Amplified paint system against corrosion and rust.
»  Improved performance in terms of sound insulation.
»  Demounted parts that make transportation and maintenance easier.


For over a 100 years Baudouin has designed and manufactured the highest quality engines for  marine and power generation applications – for more information please click the link –


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Worldwide delivery can be arranged, please note that it is not included in the price. If you would like us to supply you with a delivered price then please let us know the final destination of your generator.

For UK deliveries where you can offload the generator FW Power can offer a Curtainsider or Flatbed Lorry  delivery service.  If you are unable to offload the generator then we will deliver using a Hi-ab.

For larger generators, specialist equipment may be required for transportation such as cranes and low loaders. Our experienced team will work along side you to find the best solution.

Please Note: Generators can be picked up from our yard in Cheshire by yourself or your own choice of transportation, please contact us to arrange.


Generator Sales – New and Used.

Automatic Transfer Switches – New and Used.

Generator Installation and Commissioning.

Service and Maintenance Contracts.

Worldwide Delivery.

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