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75 Point Service Inspection

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75 Point Service Inspection

At FW Power we are committed to providing only the highest quality equipment, which is why our used generators undergo a 75 point service inspection check and a full load test prior to despatch. Consider it to be like an MOT and test run but  in much more detail covering all aspects of the operation and function of the generator. These tests are all recorded, with every repair item and recommendation clearly detailed on the test sheets – a copy of which is given to the customer upon purchase.


Test sheets completed by FW Power


How can we be confident that the diesel generator you purchase from FW Power is the best quality generator that you can buy? Well above you can see the test sheets that we complete and below is a section of the areas that we test:


Engine – Shutdowns tested at least 3 times during our test process.

  • * Physical connections to the base frame, radiator and alternator inspected.
  • * Charge alternator tested.
  • * Fuel pump inspected, fuel solenoid checked, fuel linkages lubricated.
  • * Fuel hoses inspected.
  • * Filters changed as required and air filter assembly checked.
  • * Oil tested and changed as required.
  • * Fan belts tested, recorded and changed as necessary.


Radiator – All hoses checked.

  • * Fan blades and radiator fins checked.
  • * Radiator checked for fin blockage and cleaned as required.
  • * Coolant tested and changed as required.
  • * Fan guards checked and rectified.
  • * Radiator cap checked operationally.


Alternator – AVR checked and tested.

  • * Physical connections to the engine and base frame tested.
  • * Internal inspection of slip rings and diodes completed as required.
  • * Megger test if required.


Control Panel – Display checked.

  • * Warning lights and instrumentation checked.
  • * Fuses and relays inspected.
  • * Panel settings for autostart and any timers recorded.
  • * Auxiliary inputs recorded.


Miscellaneous – Circuit breaker checked.

  • * Batteries checked and changed as required.
  • * Battery charger and jacket water checked if applicable.
  • * Exhaust system checked.
  • * Exhaust condensate checked and drained.


Load Test – All generators tested at 25%, 50%, 75% & 100% of rated load.

  • * 50% load acceptance / load rejection tests completed.
  • * Voltage and Frequency variation on load recorded.
  • * Voltage and Frequency stability on load recorded.


With all of the above tests completed it is no wonder that FW Power are the Number one choice when it comes to used diesel generators for large and small business alike. Please read some of our testimonials on our Home page, or read through our Case Studies to see the depth of our experience.

If you have any questions please call us on  01270 821419 or we have a Frequently Asked Questions page that along with our Knowledge Centre will help guide you through your generator selection and purchase.