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12 December 2019

People often ask us who buys generators? Our response is, everyone! There are so many generators scattered around the country powering businesses that most of us don’t know about. The beauty about generators  is that they are generally away from the public eye and there ready to kick in when the power goes out or provide a continuous stream of reliable  power. Most of the time people are unaware that a generator is providing the power they are using.

Last week we attended site to one of our regular service customers, a well known hotel and spa in the Midlands which relies upon it’s 200 kVA generator for emergency power.  As you can see from the pictures the generator is hidden in the trees and blends well due to its colour, which is inkeeping with the hotels prestigious look. Luckily this customer hasn’t had too many power outages over the years however if the time does arise they can be certain they have a well looked after generator there to take care of them.

For this particular customer we visit twice a year, one minor inspection and then 1 major inspection plus a load bank test. A load bank test on this standby generator is essential due to it not being ran very often. It is only when put under load that we can see how the generator performs and then we can identify if there are any problems. Suprinsly generators can develop issues even when not being ran. A bit like your car, if you leave it in the garage for 6 months  without running it, it is likely that your battery may be dead or your tyres have gone flat; not to mention any other defects that are not so easy to identify.  Essential maintenance is key to avoiding these things.

If you own or manage a wedding venue, hotel , spa or any other type of venue where you simply cannot afford for the lights to go out even for just a few minutes it is vital that you think about a backup power source.  A disrupted wedding or event could cost a business £££ . If you need to discuss power for your business please contact our sales team we have a very ride range of options to cater to most budgets.







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