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Service Options

FW Power service and maintain all makes and brands of diesel generators, not only the ones we sell.

A startling 30% of standby generators fail to produce the required load when needed to do so.

Will your generator work when the mains fails?

At FW Power we offer comprehensive service and maintenance options to ensure that when the lights do go out your generator is in the best condition to provide the load required to put your operation back online. Equally for a prime powered application keeping on top of the service and maintenance will extend the generators working life and decrease overall life-cycle costs.

We offer the following main options:

  • One of visit where we complete our 75 point service inspection.
  • Service contract – We complete our 75 point service inspection check twice a year on your generator covering all aspects of the engine, cooling system, alternator, control systems and starting system, as well as changing your fuel filter, oil filter and oil annually.
  • Load bank test. This can be done alongside a service or on its own.
  • Parts supply.

Load Bank Testing

The worst time to realise your generator will not take load is when you need it the most – during a power outage. Only by running a generator under load can you be certain that it will operate and function correctly.

Even generators that are run regularly on load may benefit from an annual load run to prevent wet stacking and blow out residual soot build up. Running a generator on a load of greater than 75% for a minimum of an hour will burn off harmful excessive fuel and carbon deposits on injectors, valves, and pistons which would otherwise accumulate in the oil resulting in reduced performance and engine wear.

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