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Cutting Corners…

3 April 2019

Cutting corners: Could cost you more…


A diesel generator is no doubt a robust machine. They are designed to last users many years providing you pay it some TLC on a regular basis. Checks that don’t take much time and don’t cost too much either yet they often get sidelined. Cutting out these vital regular checks may save you a quick buck in the short term but when you need your generator in a critical situation and it lets you down, that’s when the problems and money factor really kicks in. So how can you avoid this?

  1. You pay for a regular service contract. These come in all shapes and sizes and are tailored to suit you and how you use your generator. For example a standby generator only usually requires two service visits ( 1 major and 1 minor) per year and ideally one load bank test. A generator that is ran more regularly really needs a visit every 250-500 hours to avoid problems with filters or levels.


2. You can do some simple checks yourself. Take a look at this simplified checklist.

Keeping your engine levels topped up is a simple task that most people can undertake – why is it important? Lets look at this example: Q: What happens when you don’t keep your radiator topped up with coolant? A: Your engine would soon start to overheat, which then leads to mechanical breakdown and engine failure. Levels should be be visually checked weekly, keep an eye out for any leaks and if you spot puddles of liquid this should be looked at immediately.
Be mindful of the weather conditions too, a harsh winter can play havoc with a diesel engine. Engines run best when nice and warm. If your generator has a jacket water heater and a battery charger fitted, these two hand in hand will help your generator start on a cold day. A jacket water heater and battery charger are recommended if you use your generator a standby power source. If your generator does not have them currently they can be added. There are other options that can be added to your generator for extreme conditions, however these are always best discussed with a professional. 
FW Power can fit additional extras and modify any generator to your specification, please give us a call to see how we can help.
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