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25 January 2024


Who doesn’t love a night away?! I’m guessing you wouldn’t be too happy if the power went out on that night away though would you…

Hotels are also victim of power failures and with many offering events such as weddings, they simply cannot afford to go without power meaning they must have a backup power source such as a diesel generator.

Investing in a reliable generator and if needed an ATS alongside a regular service schedule keeps these hotels lights on and their customers happy.

We spend many hours every week talking to new and existing customers about the importance of having a backup power supply and why the cheapest old banger out there may not cut the mustard. Usually, standby generators don’t run many hours overall, they sit in in the background waiting for their time to shine (being unsung heroes if you ask us)… and it is with this people often incorrectly see their generators as a low priority item, often forgetting to make sure they are serviced or even just checked over occasionally.

Yesterday one of our service engineering team visited two local rural hotels for scheduled services and we are happy to report that both generators are in great condition ready to support the hotels should the time arise! This customer is leading the way of how to look after generators 😉 .

With all the forecasted storms ahead this winter it really is about preventative measures as opposed to reactive.

Buying a generator can be one of the most important investments businesses make, FW Power want to help you look after this vital piece of equipment. Contact our friendly team to see how we can help look after your generator. We can make bespoke service packages to suit your application.

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