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Providing power to a top Cheshire venue!

14 November 2018

FW Power always likes to help out local businesses where we can. On this occasion it was a new luxury venue set in the Cheshire Green belt that needed an 80 kVA generator. Due to being a venue that hosts  Weddings, birthday parties, corporate dinners etc they simply can’t afford for the lights to go off even for 5 minutes. The venue does have a mains supply but not enough power for a full party with  demanding catering equipment, lights, music and so on… That’s where our used FG Wilson Perkins generator came in.  A low hours set that although was used looked new.  The generator has got the events co through all of their events recently without 1 glitch…  Another happy customer.

(Check the venue out – it really is something special. )

The Events Co at old Hall  

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