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Witness Testing

4 July 2019

Today saw our 1000 kVA Cummins QST30G3 leave us for sunny Scotland, one week after we conducted a ‘witness test’ for our customer.

What does ‘witness test’ mean and why do we do it?  A witness test is  when a customer  comes to view the generator run under various loads using a load bank.     (See our FAQS  page for what a load bank is)  It is only by this method we can see the generator in action and perform as it should.  When buying any piece of equipment for your business or personal use, peace of mind and trust in the product along with the merchant is vital. This is why we offer witness tests, they do just that.

Another reason why we undertake a full load bank test on all of our generators is  to identify any faults.  The last time you want to realise your generator cannot reach 85% load or even 50% is when it is installed and in use. Load banks are the best way to replicate, prove and verify the real-life demands on critical power systems.


Witness test on 1000 kVA Cummins used diesel generator by FW Power FW Power undertaking a Witness test on 1000 kVA Cummins used diesel generator.


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