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Emergency Power

30 June 2023

On Monday we recieved  a call at around 3pm from a customer that needed a 25-30 kVA generator and they needed one urgently.  The customer had lost their mains power and as such had already lost 1 day and night worths worth of work. Not knowing when the mains would be reconnected and not wanting to lose out on yet more work they turned to the option of a Diesel Generator.  FW Power were able to provide a radpid response and had a 28 kVA Cummins used diesel generator ready and waiting to go.  Our customer arrived at our premisies at 8am Tuesday morning to collect the generator and by midday they were connected and back up and running.

We are proud to have been able to offer such a speedy solution for this customer. From the 1st phone call to being connected and up and runnning again  all within 24 hours.

The 28 kVA Cummins used diesel generator had already been tested by us and undergone our 75 point service inspection and full load bank test.

We hold a wide range of used diesel generators in stock ranging from 13 kVA up to 1250 kVA.

If you need emergency power FW Power are here to help!

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